I live and work in the Arkansas River Valley near the inspiring mountain town of Salida, Colorado, and as you might notice, much of my work involves rivers or water to some degree.  My passion is being on the river.  If I'm not running a river in my kayak or on a raft, I'm thinking, planning, and dreaming of how to be there again soon.  What I love about river running is the amazing places that the river takes you.  I've been down in gorges, cracks in the earth, and various water-filled holes that one could never get to without a river craft. It is this journey that first inspired me to carry a camera and I hope that some of the love and awe that I experience every time I'm on the water comes though for you here.

Previously I have lived in Austin, TX and Taos, NM.  For the past while, Salida, CO has been my established home where I am the part owner/operator of a whitewater rafting company called Canyon River Instruction which specializes in custom whitewater and river safety training.  It has also been my pleasure to work with Arkansas Valley Digital Imaging where I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to kayak, explore the local area with a camera, and photograph the commercial rafting industry on the Arkansas River.

The Southwest United States has been my calling for many years, and it is the canyons therein which have particularly peaked my interest.  Water in the desert.  Copious life clutching to bare rock awash by a thin and tiny ribbon of flowing water.  Here you find such a stark contrast that one’s curiosities cannot help but be peaked.


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